Evaluating and Implementing Hosted PBX

For many reasons including scalability, flexibility, and low cost of ownership, hosted PBX continues to gain strength as the phone system of choice for many small and medium size businesses.  Online hosted PBX companies like Ring Central, Vonage, Nextiva, and 8x8 are thriving as are many regional hosted companies in all areas of the country.   With so many benefits to be gained, but so many pieces of the puzzle to be considered for a successful implementation, how should a SMB go about evaluating the options and then implementing a solution? 

I think it depends on the resources of the company making the decision, does the company have an in house IT professional who can be involved in the process?  Possibly someone in management with experience in implementing and maximizing telecom solutions in the past?  If so, an internal needs and network assessment may a good place to start, followed by a request for conference call or webinar with several of the national hosted PBX providers to determine what is available and which features might best meet your organizations need.  Companies without in-house IT and/or staff members who are well versed in the latest telecom offerings may want to consider seeking out local experienced hosted phone system providers who can provide you with an on site needs and network assessment.  A good local provider can work with your IT vendor, provide guidance on Internet considerations at your address, and provide on-site training.  Most  "online" providers typically ship their phones to your site for your staff to install and provide all support remotely.

Are you looking for a business class hosted PBX solution with local support in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas?  Please contact me personally to find out if hosted PBX is right for your business.  Richard Hill, SafeCall, Inc. Direct 704 927 4400 rhill@safecall.com



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