Information is power!

Increase staff productivity and receive real return on investment when purchasing your telephone system!

Avoid boxing your business in with technology that will not support future growth!

Make sure the solution you choose offers the optimum integration between your telephone lines, Internet circuits, and data network

Over the years we have learned that there is a process to making successful technology decisions. The basic elements of this process are the same regardless of the size of the customer or the scope of the project.

First we must understand your business; the products and services you provide, how you are different from your competition, the functions of your staff, the type of facilities you operate from, any potential growth plans for staff, new products or strategies you may pursue, and of course your goals in purchasing a new system.

Second, we discuss options and potential applications.

Finally we design and propose a solution that complements your goals and objectives. The proposed solution may contain powerful ideas that you had not considered. The solution will encompass not only telephone equipment, but may offer suggestions on integrating the system with other telephone, Internet, and data products and services to maximize effectiveness.

Give us a call, we are ready to design and propose a powerful solution for your business or organization at no obligation to you.

Proposed solutions may include an NEC Telephone System configured for traditional and/or IP telephony or one of our other new or refurbished systems. We may discover your needs are not a good match for our offerings, in this case, we may recommend other sources for you to investigate. We are here to help!