VoIP Softphone

Could you or your business benefit from VoIP Softphones?

Are you?

Looking to utilize a VoIP or Hosted PBX service with little or no up front cost?

A frequent business traveler who needs to stay in touch with the office? [IP softphone]

Do you or staff members work from home?

Do you have call center employees?

Are you looking to lower your billable cell phone minutes?

Are you or is your business a heavy long-distance user?

What is a VoIP Softphone?

A softphone is a program that installs to and runs from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. A VoIP softphone enables you to make calls using a VoIP service.  A softphone is accessible wherever you have your device and adequate internet access. There are both paid and free softphones available. Some softphones are designed to run with third party VoIP services while others are proprietary to a provider.

Most softphones are designed to be intuitive and many resemble an actual phone handset. Typically you can click the buttons on the interface or use your keyboard.  A headset, microphone and/or speakers are needed to make the call from a computer, tablet, ipad.

You can quickly download a free or low cost VoIP softphone.  Heavy business travelers can avoid large bills on their mobile phones or at hotel/motels by using a low-cost VoIP service with a VoIP softphone. Business travelers can register a VoIP softphone with their office IP PBX system or hosted system to access the same call features available to them at the office while traveling. Call centers and other small businesses can cut costs by pairing a VoIP hosted service with a softphone to avoid purchasing desk phones or a maintaining a premise phone system. Long-distance rates are typically much lower or covered under a flat fee when using a VoIP softphone, so frequent long distance callers can cut costs.

  • Common Softphone Features
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • Ability to place callers on hold
  • Access to contact list and speed dials
  • Call transferring
  • Voicemail, voicemail to email
  • Greeting and call screening
  • Text and video
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