Cloud-based Phone Systems Give Small Businesses an Edge

Small businesses face a myriad of challenges that can range from taxes to new government regulations, to riding the swells in an ever-changing economic climate that force a company to monitor cash flow with a careful and keen eye on the bottom line. 

Small businesses often have to face tough decisions to maximize revenue when times are good. They must decide to scale and take on more overhead to handle additional employee hiring while simultaneously adding the risk of overextending themselves if the economy suddenly dips?  Or outsource to freelancers, allow for more work from home employees, or open satellite offices in regions to remain competitive. While doing so can allow a small business to scale up or scale down quickly in the event of an economic downturn, it opens itself to a divide in infrastructure where everyone operates in a separate technological ecosystem. 

So, what’s the right solution?

The right solution for scaling and cost-effectiveness is a cloud-based phone system for small business. 

The Remote Workforce is Growing at an Astronomical Rate. 

It's been reported that over 2.8 million people in the US workforce work from home and that number is only growing by leaps and bounds every year. Another report done by Invoca’s 2016 Call Intelligence Index business communications reported that 65% of customers still prefer to do business on the phone, making phone systems the most valuable business communication tools for managing your business and handling customers. 

Why are these statistics important? Small businesses must handle the growing divide between maintaining a solid and secure brand image with customers while managing both an onsite workforce and remote workers. If they don’t, brand image and customer service will suffer.

Using a cloud-based phone system will enable computers, desk phones, and Smartphone’s to all work together and seamlessly connect remote offices, home offices, and mobile devices. It gives the impression of 'we're all here together' no matter where an employee is situated in the city, state, country, or even the world!

Cloud communication services also allow for employees to securely log in from anywhere, providing a consistent business presence and increasing productivity with seamless access to CRM tools, email, instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing. Employees spend less time managing their phones, and more time doing value-added activities.

Cloud-based phone systems for small businesses enable increased productivity and growth to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. More importantly, a cloud-based system offers consistency in customer service even though the branches might be spread out across multiple time zones that don’t align with the customers. 

Banding and Branding, Communication Made Easy.

 As the numbers of remote employees and contractors working for small business grows, it's imperative that employees in or away from the office not be out of sync with the “mother ship”, perpetuating a lack of customer confidence as client and customers deal with calls coming in from different regions and phone numbers. 

It doesn’t present a stable look to a small business brand if the business doesn’t appear to have roots. With a cloud-based phone system, incoming calls and outgoing calls originate from the same location: your communications hub for multi-line phone systems for small business.

It’s also just as imperative that employees not be out of sync with each other, internal communication is key to business success and employees must be able to communicate seamlessly. A cloud-based phone system provides the ability to communicate with all co-workers with the simple touch of a button from anywhere in the world. Antiquated, on-premise phone systems cannot compete with or keep up with these cloud-based options.  

At Safe Call, we understand the importance of presenting a uniform, stable view of your brand and keeping everyone in communication with each other even if the unexpected were to strike.

Be a Disruptor in Your Industry, Never Disrupted in Communications 

Severe weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances can strike at any moment, but with a cloud-based system, businesses no longer need to home their Private Branch Exchange (PBX) on site. That’s all done in the cloud, offsite, and away from the business.  Because there is no longer a need to host the PBX system onsite, having it now managed in a secure location off-site, there's no danger to your inability to communicate with clients and customers in the event a catastrophe strikes.

At Safe Call, we understand that with so much resting on your ability to be in touch with clients and customers losing phone communication service for even a day could cripple the business.

A cloud-based system alleviates any stress or concern and makes sure if the unforeseen event strikes your business, it's still business as usual. Utilizing a cloud-based service ensures a reliable and resilient phone service, always. You’ll always be within reach and in contact with clients and customers. 

Cost-Effective is Better

A cloud-based phone system is also lighter on company expenses and offers a wide variety of benefits that traditional on-premise phone systems cannot provide in today's flexible work market.

Moreover, while traditional, on-premise, phone systems require: 

·        extra space for hardware devices and cables

·        time to implement and continually configure systems

·        the additional cost to maintain and upgrade 

Cloud-based systems operate as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and offer:

·        No expensive hardware to purchase and includes additional monthly savings

·        No costly service calls

·        Ongoing support included

·        Always the most up-to-date technology

·        Free automatic quarterly upgrades

And with IT departments usually stretched handling other technology issues, with a cloud-based system; any challenges or issues that arise are handled by the vendor so IT is free to work on other tasks.

A Cloud-Based System Has Your Back

Having a cloud-based phone system for your small business makes communication easier and adaptable to an ever-changing working landscape. At Safe Call, our hosted and premise-based solutions range from small business plug-and-play telephone systems to large IP PBX and digital telephone multi-site business applications. Whether your small business is the start-up of three or three hundred, a cloud-based system is so easy to implement that it can be up and running in only a few hours. 

To see how an easy and scalable cloud-based phone system can save your small business money, contact SafeCall now

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