Cloud-Based Phone Systems Let Small Businesses Play Big

There are many options to communicate with employees, customers, and vendors via text, email, and the use of all the available messengers in the marketplace. These are all incredible business tools, but should they be considered the primary contact instruments for employees and customers in today's world?  No. As antiquated as it may seem—the phone is still King. When it comes to customer service, studies show that consumers prefer to talk to a human being. Internally, communication by business phone enables everyone to have a dedicated channel for getting business done and handling all challenges.

A phone system is still King when it comes to deal-making

However, not all phone systems are created equal. Features and ratings vary; it’s important to make the right choice from the beginning or switch to an system as soon as possible if your current system is underperforming or unreliable.

A cloud-based phone system not only delivers high-quality connectivity but integrates all the necessary business tools to be competitive.  Every startup and small business should implement a phone system that provides flexibility, saves money, and provides a better communication experience overall.

To learn more about the advantages of using an of cloud-based communication systems, contact a Safe Call representative today they would be happy to discuss your needs.

The YOGA of Phone Systems - Flexibility

Flexibility is key. Unlike traditional onsite hosted phone systems, a cloud-based phone system is built and managed in the cloud. It can stand alone as a single communication device offering high-quality phone service with a decreased chance of disruption but can easily integrate with other technologies such as:

●      Messaging

●      Video conferencing

●      File sharing

A delay in replies or poor communication quality will negatively impact your business.

A cloud-based phone system allows for greater freedom and flexibility because it can be accessed from anywhere, allowing employees to work at home, another office, or anywhere else in the world and yet give the appearance to customers that they are operating right out of the office.

Cloud-based phone systems can operate anywhere, regardless of location 

A cloud-based phone system also offers such features such as:

●      Phone Presence: With phone presence, you can quickly identify whether an employee is on their desk phone, mobile phone, actively on a call, or unavailable to take the call and route it to someone else to assist customers.  

●      Find me-follow me: Customers dial one number and the cloud-based system will route calls to employees no matter where they are in the world, whether they're traveling, telecommuting, or working from another location.

To find out how a cloud-based system increases productivity in your office, visit Safe Call today.

Out With the Old, in With the New and Less Expensive 

A cloud-based multi-line phone system not only offers greater flexibility but savings with:  

●      Low cost:  Cloud-based system requires limited equipment cost to get started and zero additional charge if you need to add or remove a line.

●      Zero Maintenance cost: With a hosted PBX, all maintenance and upgrades are handled by vendor eliminating the cost and putting less financial strain on IT departments.

●      No Contracts: Unlike traditional phone systems, you can cancel at any time.

●      Reliability: Because a cloud-based system is hosted offsite in the event of damage or disruption to your facility, the phones will continue.  With a cloud-based phone system, calls can easily be re-routed to cell phones without missing a single call and costing you valuable business time due to inaction.

Whether you are an established small business, or a start up with limited money, a cloud-based phone system is a perfect solution with quick set-up and no additional hardware costs. 

Cloud-based phone systems are not a luxury to a business; they are a necessity in today’s business world. By moving away from a traditional phone system to a cloud-based system, you will enable greater flexibility for the business to scale quickly during rapid growth. In times of high productivity, the phone system will work to improve the company's competitiveness, increase employee productivity, and lower cost.

To learn more about the advantages of cloud-hosted PBX or if you’re interested in updating your business phone system to hosted PBX, contactSafe Call today. Our team has extensive experience helping businesses upgrade to hosted PBX to achieve more scalable and cost-effective business practices to keep your small business competitive.

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