The Advantages Of A Cloud-Based Phone System in 2019

Trying to keep up in today's ever-changing global economy using antiquated technology is like trying to beat your top competitors in a race by giving them a head start. It's not happening. 

To remain competitive and continue to keep up and scale your business, you can't expect the competition to slow down and let you catch up. You need to be just as fast (or even faster) to get out in front. In short, you need the right tools to keep up and outpace them.

One of the best tools a small business can employ is a cloud-based phone system. To take from the classic Oldsmobile slogan, a cloud-based phone system is "not your father's phone system."  Dad's business phone was the Oldsmobile of its time; today's cloud-based phone system is a Ferrari. Smoother, faster, and way more fun to drive in today's business world. 

A cloud-based phone system is more than a dial tone. It connects all users and call traffic through the internet. Not only does it help small business stay connected with customers, but streamlines and simplifies communication in the office between employees no matter where they are in the world, so no one is never "not in the know."

To learn more about the advantages of cloud-based communication systems, a Safe Call representative can discuss your exact needs and budget.

Transparency is gold in today's market.

In 2019, today's customers have higher expectations than ever before; one of them being transparency. Customers want to know what's behind the curtain; they want access to you and your brand to ease their concerns.  

Operating in the cloud allows for employees to have real-time access to business tools even if they are away from the office to stay connected with customers who will never feel left in the dark and with virtual attendant small businesses build customer confidence with a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year contact.  

Value for time. Maximizing employee productivity.

Employees are no longer only productive between business hours, in the office, and tethered to a desk phone. With a cloud-based phone system employees can work away from the office and yet all the work they do will seem to originate from the office as they can make, answer and transfer calls as if they were in the office as well as keep in direct contact with other employees.

In the office, communication for employees is vital as information can move fast and often needs to be acted on quickly to maximize benefit.. Everyone needs to be in the know.

The Best Cloud-Based Phone Systems Offer All of the Following Features:

  • Integrated team messaging

  • File sharing

  • Find me-follow me

  • Click to call

  • Voicemail to email

Employees can share information, ideas, and strategies to increase workflow across all departments and vendors and make sure everyone is on the same page.

A cloud-based system doesn't require traditional, bulky, and potentially high cost of repair on-site equipment  to add things like additional phones, phone lines, fax or video conferencing services because a cloud base system offers:

  • Hosted phone extensions

  • VoIP delivered phone lines

  • Integrated fax

  • Video and call conferencing

To find out how a cloud-based system can increase productivity in your office, set up a consultation with Safe Call today.

Less space, lower cost. Good things come in small packages

Unlike traditional on-site phone communication where a PBX is hosted on site, tucked away in the closet or back office and taking up valuable time from IT when issues arise, a hosted PBX site is off-site.  Safe and secure. There's no longer a need to house, maintain, or even pay for costly equipment. 

Other value-added advantages of cloud-hosted PBX are:

  • Ease of launch: Be up and running in only a few hours. Keep your current phone number.

  • Cost efficiency: Hosted PBX requires lower startup costs since you're not responsible for purchasing all of the necessary software, hardware, and equipment required for an on-premise system. Great for startups.

  • New features: Upgrades at no cost and all managed by the hosting provider. More cost-effective than traditional phone plans. No more picking and choosing the features and working them into the budget.   

  • Simplicity: Designed with small business in mind, a hosted PBX system is easy to manage without an IT staff. Moreover, if you have an IT staff, there is no longer any need to devote time and resources to training support staff to oversee the system as third-party vendors handle all issues. 

  • Flexibility and scalability: For businesses that need to scale up, but available flexibility to scale down quickly, a cloud-based phone system significant advantages in cost and convenience.  Add or remove lines in a matter of moments with just one phone call.

  • Reliability: Hosted PBX ensures that your service is reliable and you keep in contact with your customers since data is stored offsite in a secure data center. A hosted PBX system means no matter what potential disaster strikes, you'll always be in contact with your customers as hosted PBX allows calls to be rerouted to other phones.

  • Security: 24/7 staff monitoring with triggers and alerts to spot unauthorized activity protecting all data (calls, messages, files) as well as the ability to terminate a line regardless of where it's located in the world due to misuse or improper activity.

To learn more about the advantages of cloud-hosted PBX or if you’re interested in updating your business phone system to hosted PBX, contact Safe Call today. Our team has extensive experience helping businesses upgrade to hosted PBX to achieve more scalable and cost-effective business practices to keep your business up to speed,

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