How a Cloud-Based Phone Saves Your Company Money 

Use This Budget-Friendly Cloud Tool To Your Advantage

For a company to remain financially healthy, it must monitor expenses and control and minimize unnecessary costs. One of those expenses comes from a business tool that all businesses and organizations rely on, the telephone — a real life-line to many companies and organizations. 

However, today's business phone doesn't have to be just a link to the outside world. Moving from a traditional hosted PBX system to a cloud-based system, it can give you more options, increase productivity, and do it all for a lower cost. 

Little Upfront Cost 

Traditional hosted PBX systems usually require upfront investment and regular maintenance costs as well as possibly locking you into long term contracts for telephone lines. A cloud-based phone system lets you pick and choose the features that benefit your business. With the ease of access and the ability to turn features on or off as your business changes, you can maximize productivity while managing costs.  

Moving to a hosted cloud-based PBX with lower set-up costs serves as a revenue-enhancing asset to your bottom line. 

Other benefits include: 

  • No need for extra space to house hardware devices and cables

  • Limited time to implement and configure systems

Moreover, when it comes to upgrades and new technologies - you get them! At no additional cost!  

Fee Transparency

The list of benefits of a cloud-based system is long when it comes to fees and costs.

  • No hidden fees

  • Maximize productivity at a lower cost than traditional PBX systems

  • One monthly fee for annual budgeting

  • No additional hardware costs

  • No extensive set-up costs

Whether you are an established small business or a start-up with limited money, a cloud-based phone system is a perfect solution.

To learn more about the advantages of using cloud-based communication systems, contact a Safe Call representative today.

Scale Up and Down Quickly

A cloud-based phone system is perfect if your business spikes and slows throughout the year. You can increase or decrease lines as needed with just one phone call. There’s no need to add extra hardware and lines each time your business scales only to be stuck with the cost of them when you no longer need them for your business.  You can budget ahead to take into account the additional cost (or savings) throughout the year. 

Be Global

If you do business internationally, a cloud-based phone system saves you money more than traditional PBX systems by offering affordable international rates. If you want to appear global, a cloud-based is the solution. 

The world is smaller, and sometimes there is a need to be places that in years past just wasn't feasible due to the cost of setting up new office space. Today going global is as easy as one phone call. Using a cloud-based system enables computers, desk phones, tablets, and smartphones to all work together and seamlessly connect remote offices, home offices, and cell phones. Hiring an employee overseas? Just add a line and viola - you have a presence!  No matter where an employee is situated in the city, state, country or even the world they are united through the cloud-based system still giving your organization a unified front as all calls can be routed through the same network. 

To learn more about the advantages of using a cloud-based communication system to expand your business, contact a Safe Call representative today. 

Information Technology Services

Designed with small businesses in mind, a   PBX system is easy to manage without an IT staff, but if you do have a staff, they will no longer need to spend precious time working on the phones. With so many business processes relying on other technologies or more strategic business initiatives for your organization, there is no longer any need to devote time and resources to training support staff to oversee the system as third-party vendors handle all issues and upgrades. 

IT can now focus on business initiatives that matter.  

Protect Loss Against Unexpected Disasters

Sometimes disaster strikes, and if you are relying on a hosted in-house PBX system, the loss of communications can be devastating to your business as you might find yourself unable to do business. On a cloud-based system, you can operate with no noticeable interruptions as the phones can be immediately re-routed, so you never miss a call. In the cloud, wireless backup and cloud connectivity bring communications back up quickly and easily, with lower recovery costs. In the case of an emergency, you can worry about your business and not have to worry about rebuilding your phone system.

Ultimate Productivity

Time is money. Using time efficiently saves money. A cloud-based phone system combines phone technology with mobile apps to allow employees to access the network from their smartphones, desktops, and tablets. With team members able to be in touch seamlessly no matter where they are in the world whether through calls, text messages, conference calls, you can be sure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. 

At Safe Call, our hosted and premise-based solutions range from small business plug-and-play telephone systems to large IP PBX and digital telephone multi-site business applications. 

To learn more about the advantages and savings opportunities of cloud-based communication systems in your business, contact SafeCall today.

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