Top ten benefits of cloud-based systems for your small business

Time is money, and to maximize time (and money), productivity needs to be streamlined so that employees and businesses can operate wherever, whenever—without disruption.  

The ability to communicate and keep in contact with customers and co-workers needs to be seamless, smooth flowing, i.e. precisely what you find in a cloud-based telephone system

By using a cloud-based phone system, employees have full access to all the services and features that your company needs. They can be productive regardless of location; free from the restraints of traditional hardware that kept production tethered to a desk and only driving the business forward during office hours. They can seamlessly connect with remote office workers, freelancers, and business cell phones. 

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  1. Quality Integration 

A cloud-based phone system not only delivers high-quality connectivity but integrates all the necessary business tools to be competitive in today's market. A hosted PBX still places the phone call at the center of getting business done but integrates all your business tools in the palm of your hand. And today it's cheaper than ever for small businesses to implement a phone system that provides flexibility, saves money, and provides a better communication experience overall. 

The benefits of a cloud-based phone system far outweigh traditional, hosted, onsite, PBX. 

     2. Start-Up Cost-Efficiency

Cloud-based PBX phone systems have lower set-up costs and serve as a revenue-enhancing asset to your bottom line by eliminating the need to purchase, install, and maintain an expensive premise-based phone system. You also get the most up to date technology upgrades to your system at no additional cost. 

     3. Custom Controls 

A cloud-operated system lets you pick and choose what features benefit your business with ease of access and the ability to turn them on or off as your business requires to maximize production. You no longer pay for services or additional lines that you don't need to run your business. 

    4. Flexibility and scalability

For businesses that need to scale up, but have the flexibility to scale down quickly, a cloud-based phone system offers significant advantages in cost and convenience. Add or remove lines in a matter of moments with just one phone call. 

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      5. Keeping the Team Informed 

In the office, communication for employees is vital as information moves quickly. Everyone needs to be in the know. With available features such as Integrated team message, file sharing, and video chat employees can share information, ideas, and strategies to increase workflow across all departments and vendors and make sure everyone is working together and on the same page.

      6. Never Miss a Call

With such features as phone presence, you can quickly identify whether an employee is on their desk, mobile, on a call, or unavailable to take the call and see about finding someone else to assist customers. Employees can also activate the Find me-follow me feature, so customers dial one number and the cloud-based system will route calls to employees no matter where they are in the world, whether they're traveling, telecommuting, or working from another location.

     7.  Eliminate Support Hassles

Designed with small business in mind, a hosted PBX system is easy to manage without the need to wait for an on-site technician to be scheduled. System changes can literally be made from any computer with the click of a mouse.

     8.  Reliability

Hosted PBX ensures that your service is never uninterrupted and you keep contact with your customers since data is stored offsite in a secure data center. A hosted PBX system means no matter what potential disaster strikes, you'll always be in contact with your customers as hosted PBX allows calls to be rerouted to other phones.

     9.  Improved Customer Service

With the Virtual Receptionist features, your businesses can easily direct calls to various departments or create unique greetings to share promotions with your customers. 

     10. Security 24/7

Continuous staff monitoring with triggers and alerts to spot unauthorized activity protecting all data (calls, messages, files) as well as the ability to terminate a line regardless of where it's located in the world due to misuse or improper activity.

BONUS: No Hidden Fees

No longer deal with hidden fees, and unpredictable phone bills. One monthly fee. Set your budget to maintain your bottom line. 

The benefits of a cloud-based system not only provide top of the line service but does so by maximizing productivity at a lower cost than traditional onsite PBX systems. 

Whether you are an established small business or a start-up on a budget, a cloud-based phone system is a perfect solution with a quick set-up process and no additional hardware costs.

To learn more about the advantages of cloud-hosted PBX or if you're interested in updating your business phone system to hosted PBX, contact SafeCall today. Our team has extensive experience helping businesses upgrade to hosted PBX to achieve more scalable and cost-effective business practices to keep your business competitive.

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