Phone Systems for Medical Practices

Use this Cloud-Based Solution To Keep Your Practice Healthy

Today’s medical practices are busy. Very busy. Walk into any doctor's office—whether it is a general practitioner or a specialist—and there aren’t a lot of empty seats in the waiting room.

A well organized and efficient medical practice has to take into consideration all of the different ways it can make itself more efficient and effective to handle the number of patients that come through its doors every day as well as the number of patient-related calls that are made and received.

With that comes cost consciousness and budgeting, and a cloud-based phone system is the most cost-effective way to help a busy medical practice keep its costs in line and in check.

The value it brings to the medical office is that there are no on-site software issues to deal with, everything is offsite in the cloud, and protected -- especially as pertains to HIPAA rules and regulations which also helps you remain compliant.

Everything can be organized so that no matter where anyone works in the office, their communications are still centralized in the cloud.

Automation helps here too: because patients that call in need to be directed to the right area, whether it’s to reception, the provider, triage nurses or to billing, an organized and well-defined system can route patients quickly and efficiently to the correct area.

In a Consumer Reports study, on a scale of 1-to-10, patients rated “hard to reach doctor by phone” as a 7 on the “gripe-o-meter” scale as one of their biggest complaints about medical practices. 

With a cloud-based phone system, patients can get through quickly and be directed to the right area making it quick, efficient, and less aggravating to patients who are used to waiting for responses. By connecting them quickly and reducing wait times or being misdirected, it helps with patient loyalty.

In addition to making your patients happy, some other benefits of investing in a cloud-based phone system are:


24/7 staff monitoring with triggers and alerts to spot unauthorized activity protecting all data (calls, messages, files) as well as the ability to terminate a line regardless of where it's located due to misuse or improper activity helps keep medical practices stay in-line with HIPAA rules and regulations.

Low Upfront Cost 

Cloud-based phone systems let you determine what features will best fit your medical business model. It also allows for features to be turned on or off as needed so you don’t wind up paying for services you don't need. 

An additional benefit is that when upgrades and new technologies are added, they are available to you with no upfront costs. 

No Hidden Fees

Cloud-based phone systems maximize productivity at a lower cost than traditional onsite PBX systems by offering one monthly fee so budgeting can be pre-planned.

Whether you are a small medical practice or a growing medical group that is looking to expand into new space, a cloud-based phone system is a perfect solution for your medical practice that offers a quick set-up with no additional hardware costs.

To learn how a cloud-based phone system can benefit your medical practice, contact a Safe Call representative today.

Scale Quickly

A cloud-based phone system is perfect for an expanding medical practice. You can increase lines as needed with just one phone call. Additionally, there is no need to add extra hardware and lines each time your practice scales, adding to costs, which allows you to budget ahead for growth. 

Ease of Management saves money on Information Technology services 

For smaller medical practices, a hosted PBX system is easy to manage without an IT staff. For larger, multi-site practices that have dedicated IT professionals -- they won’t have to spend time working on the phones. With so many business processes relying on other technologies or more strategic business initiatives for your organization, there is no longer any need to devote time and resources to training support staff to oversee the system as third-party vendors handle all issues and upgrades. 

Office Productivity

Antiquated phone systems waste money. Cloud-based phone systems create efficiency by combining phone technology with mobile apps to allow doctors and support staff to access the network from their smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Medical team members are able to seamlessly stay in touch with each other no matter where they are -- whether it's by calling, text messaging, or conference calling. This allows for optimal efficiency, saving the medical practice time and money.

At Safe Call, our hosted and premise-based solutions range from small medical practices with plug-and-play telephone systems to large medical groups with multiple locations that utilize IP PBX and digital telephone multi-site business applications. 

Whatever size your medical practice is, we have a cost-effective solution for you. 

To see how cloud-based communication system can reduce costs and streamline patient processes, contact a Safe Call representative today.

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